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Common Problems When Buying or Selling A Home

Buying or selling a home is a very important decision for anybody.

As a professional Realtor®, my mission is to help homebuyers and home sellers find real answers to their questions.  My team of Brokers and I are always available to assist you and your family.

Here are some common issues that I found through some of my online resources:

REALTOR® Megan Holekamp, blogged about disputes that might arise between homebuyers and sellers.  For example, a dispute over which fixtures the seller can remove, noting that the items are listed in the sales contract and are automatically included in the sale.

It’s advisable that sellers carefully review the list and remove the fixtures they want to keep before putting the house on the market.  A seller can exclude them from the sale or replace them with similar fixtures (with before and after photographs) before listing.

As REALTOR® Linda Benoist found when a bachelor client wanted to sell his home ‘as-is’, despite its obvious need for TLC and some updating, the home remained on the market for seven months without selling.  The client subsequently took the house off the market, had the interior and exterior painted, replaced the doors, replaced the carpet with hardwood floors, added accent millwork, updated the kitchen and bathrooms and had a stager decorate the home.  When he put it back on the market, the home sold in the first week.

When buyers try to save money, they need to be aware that shortcuts could cost more in the long term.  As Realtor® Nancy Gulick’s clients discovered, they used an existing survey for the property they were buying.  The title company refused to insure against boundary dispute or easement claims, and the existing survey showed that the easement was under the center of the house.

Gulick then worked with the title company and closing department to verify the easement record and advised the buyers to use a trusted surveyor to do a boundary survey and verify home improvements.

Subsequently, the new survey showed that the easement was located at the back of the property and not where the previous survey stated it was located.  Based on these results, the title company issued the buyer’s title insurance with no issue.

If you need assistance with the buying or selling of your home, please do not hesitate to contact me.  My team of Brokers and I would be happy to help you navigate through every facet of the process.

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