July 30, 2015

5 Tips To Decorate Your Luxury Home in the Chicago Suburbs


As a Chicago luxury home buyer, you’ve probably done your homework and have a long list of savvy interior decorators ready to turn your new home into the dream home it’s meant to be.  However, you need to shortlist your requirements first so you keep in line with budget, vision and lifestyle.  You were an ace organizer when you went through the purchase of the home, now it’s time to put those same skills to work and create your vision.

Decorating a home takes planning, taste, budget-consideration and livability.  You need to decide on your priorities, and move forward from there. Here are a few tips you can follow to help you:

5 Tips To Decorate Your Luxury Home in the Chicago Suburbs

1. Ambiance and Comfort

This is really a personal preference.  Ask yourself: Do you want a formal atmosphere with restricted access to children and pets?  In that case, you would want top-of-the-line, designer furnishings in your main sitting, living and dining rooms.  Live lavishly and display your Waterford or Baccarat crystal; those priceless paintings, and your exquisite Persian rugs.

Would you prefer a family-friendly atmosphere for relaxation and comfort, instead?  If yes, then the practical thing to do would be to get elegant furnishing that is within a decent price-range, functional and is easily cleaned.  You want to be comfortable, and not worry about scratching that imported flooring, or breaking your invaluable Ming vase!

2. Make Choices That Are Long-lasting

We get it; the inclination to splurge and get all your favorite things from your favorite stores is a strong and compelling temptation.  You will probably get emails and coupons enticing you to buy, buy, and buy.  Resist.  Avoid making impulse purchases.  You will see many things that you will just love but you need to figure out if it will fit in with your décor, vision and need for functionality.  The last thing you want is to fill your home up with mismatched pieces that once appealed to you but might not make you very happy a few months down the line.  Choose colors, furniture and accessories that you know will stand the test of time and fit the needs of your family.

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3. Yes, Budgeting Is Important

Most luxury homebuyers are spoiled for choice when it comes to the finer things in life.  Still, that doesn’t mean that you can throw budgeting out of the window.  Set a reasonable budget and try to stick to it.  Once you are finished and have accomplished your ideal home setting, then think about what you’d like to add.  Anything over and above your budget is a gift to yourself.  Taking this one simple step, will prevent over-spending on useless stuff that you don’t need and will prevent clutter in your brand new home.

4. Measure For Success

Measure your space before going shopping for furniture and accessories.  Some larger items might look really great on the store floor but might not necessarily fit into your space.   Also, some pieces might need a certain lighting or ambiance – make sure you sketch out a floorplan and draw in the furniture so you get the perfect setting.

5. It’s All About The Personal Touch

At the end of the day, you are decorating your home and not an impersonal shop floor replica.  Bring your personal touch to the planning, setting and placement.  Yes, you will enjoy picking out pieces to your taste but make them personal – perhaps add a few pieces that you can hand down to the next generation. About those personal touches – do you paint art? Perhaps you prefer doing a refurb project at home – like painting an old dresser. How about collecting pieces when you traveled? Personal and timeless pieces become family heirlooms.

The most important tip of all is that you should enjoy yourself, have fun!  You have a wonderful selection of international and American-made products in Chicagoland. and are truly spoiled for choice with interior furnishings and accessories.  The possibilities are endless and less overwhelming when you have got a good idea of your personal style in mind.

Would you like to find the perfect Naperville luxury home or a premier estate in another Chicagoland suburb?  I can help. Don’t hesitate to contact me, Teresa Ryan – Managing Broker / Owner of Ryan Hill Realty on 630-276-7575 to get you in your dream home.  For a list of luxury properties available in all areas, please visit www.RyanHillRealty.com.

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