Montgomery has more than 13 acres of sprawling parks-per-thousand population, this village in Kane and Kendall counties hold a record of having one of the highest parkland-to-resident ratios. Its commitment to beautifying and showcasing its wonderful outdoors is evident in the various bike and hiking trails, fishing areas, and parks that are readily available for its more than 18,000 residents to enjoy.

Residents enjoy the neighborhood’s natural beauty while riding a bike through the many bike paths winding through the entire area. The Virgil Gilman Trail and the Fox River Trail are just a couple of the bike routes that residents get to travel on.

Fishing enthusiasts also get to enjoy various areas where they can enjoy a fishing adventure. Fox River is a popular fishing venue here, aside from the many retention ponds throughout the village.
Take delight in days spent at the various parks the Village of Montgomery has. Austin Park, Montgomery Park and several parks in the subdivisions of Lakewood Creek, Huntington Chase, Fairfield Way and Foxmoor offer both fun and relaxation to its residents of all ages.

The Village of Montgomery is truly a great place to live in with its natural beauty, and wonderful residents – it definitely “feels like home”.