Willowbrook of Will county Illinois is a small village located at the nexus of Route 83 and I-55. It is 5 miles north of the regional business center of Oak Brook and 15 miles east of Midway International Airport and only a few minutes from Argonne National Laboratory.

Willowbrook is known for its excellent services and low taxes. Residents and businesses enjoy a lean and economically stable local government. Willowbrook levies only a small property tax. Collected funds are used for special recreation programming and handicap accessibility enhancement in Willowbrook park facilities.

Willowbrook owns about 54.59 acres of parks on 10 different sites and is being managed by the Willowbrooks Parks and Recreation Department. Every resident realizes the efforts on maintaining the integral resources and venues of fun and activity in the Willowbrook community. The 10 sites include the Tony and Florence Borse Memorial Community Park which is the largest in the village offering three softball fields, one soccer field, three volleyball courts, two basketball courts, playground equipment, two shelters, toilet facilities, drinking fountains and picnic tables.

This great availability of services and community features make Willowbrook very much worth making your hometown.