How A Room’s Color Can Affect Your Mood

Colors Can Affect Your Mood: Six Tips to Balance Harmony and Color in Your Home

One of the most inexpensive ways to improve the value of your home for sale is to apply a fresh coat of paint. Painting, both the interior and exterior gives your house a new look.  Colors influence our thoughts and can change our personalities. An exceptional color scheme will put your property above other sellers in the market. Most brokers agree that a well maintained, harmonious house even sells faster!

The color of a space is very important and sets the mood of a person. You can discover how color flows and blends from one space to another throughout your home to create harmony. Color Psychology has a few areas that you need to understand.

  1. Colors are divided into Primary and accent colors.
    1. Primary Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue
    2. Accent Colors: Green, Purple, Pink, Orange, White, Black, Brown
    3. Each color evokes an emotion or feeling in a person.
    4. To create a comfortable transition, the best way is to use darker and lighter shades of the same color. If you use colors that clash, it will create a feeling of disconnection.
    5. Work with a primary color and then pick other accents with similar hues. (hues means colors having the same undertones)
    6. Do not choose more than 3 main colors, and then play around with them in each space or room in the home. If blue is the ceiling in your bedroom, it could be a wall in your study. You can virtual paint each room in your house here before you actually do it physically.

A good color scheme will create the moods and feelings you want in your home. Age, background and climate also affect how a person reacts to color. In today’s open plan homes, color is one way to define spaces and generate focal points in an otherwise large space with multiple functions. Almost all periods in American history used bright vivid colors in their homes, like the deep red parlor of the Queen Anne period, or the colonial blue. Make sure you choose wisely, some guidelines are:

  • Red: Encourages appetite (many restaurants use red, think McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s). It also evokes strong emotions, so use it sparingly. A good place to use red is the dining room, as an accent.
  • Yellow: Gives you energy, and increases metabolism. The kitchen is a perfect place for yellow highlights. Do not paint a baby’s room yellow, it could them cry.
  • Blue: Most preferred by men, is a color that encourages productivity. Many offices use blue as their main color scheme.
  • Green: A tranquil color. Best used in the bedroom, many people who react to green and think of health, nature and peace.
  • Lavender: A shade of purple, it calms the nerves. Best used in family areas and recreation spaces.
  • Pink: Feelings of calm and warmth. Perfect for a little girl’s bedroom.

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Teresa Ryan

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