October 30, 2014

Naperville Luxury Home Resident’s Ghoulish Display Delights Children, Gains National Attention

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Naperville Luxury Home Resident’s Ghoulish Display Delights Children, Gains National Attention


After 18 years, October 2015 sees the demise of The Naperville Halloween House.  Due to the increasing noise, traffic build-ups, litter and neighbors’ complaints, the Ashbury subdivision has informed Nick Thomas that association rules have been put in place.  Under the new rules, decorations can be on display for 30 days before and 30 days after the holiday.  In addition, decorations are limited to 50% of the homewoner’s yard.  Thomas has opted out of putting up a display this year, as it takes three weeks to create and he will have to scale back a great deal to restrict it to half his yard.




What’s now known nationally as ‘The Naperville Halloween House’, is a YouTube sensation.

Every year, Nick Thomas puts on a light show to rival all light shows, one that is also artfully synchronized to music. Thomas’ front yard of his south Naperville home on Conan Doyle Road, is packed with over 750 spooky skeletons, ghosts, goblins, spider webs, tombstones and more. It’s a sight to behold! Still, don’t worry; it’s not too gory, to keep a family-friendly vibe.

Thomas has been putting up Halloween displays in the front yard of his Naperville luxury home for 20 years but it was only recently that he started using elaborate light shows that are synchronized to music.

People have offered him money to help pay for the Halloween display, but Thomas doesn’t accept any donations, although this year, they decided to raise funds for a charity. People can make donations by dropping money in a metal box near the Halloween display. The donations will go to a non-profit organization that supports children with Down’s syndrome and their families.

It took Thomas an entire month to set up his Halloween display and light show, which according to him, was worth it because it warms his heart to see all the children enjoying it.  His Halloween display and light show last for an entire month and attract thousands of viewers (both actual and online). Because of the volume of people coming to see Thomas’ display, the cul-de-sac is blocked with the help of a police officer for traffic control.

Luxury Homes in Naperville

Naperville Halloween House Gets National Attention, Delights Children


The synchronized lighting took the display to a whole other level with the help of his neighbor’s 25-year old son, Steve Jandick. It takes Jandick 40 hours to program the lights to one song. By now, there are 32 songs.  The Halloween House’s popularity on YouTube has even gained attention from featured artists like Fall Out Boy and The Kongos.

If you’d like to see this year’s amazing display, you can watch Jandick’s own recording below, or on his YouTube Channel:

Halloween Light Show 2014, This Is Halloween, Thomas Halloween Naperville


The Thomas home has been featured on TV shows like Good Morning America and talked about in major newspapers like the Chicago Tribune, The New York Times and more.  Thomas estimates around 5,000 people come to his house every Halloween. Last year, they used a counter for the kids, counting a total of 2,855 children, plus an estimate of 2 parents each.

The neighbors don’t seem to mind the inconvenience of having thousands of cars around every October.  According to his neighbor, Jim Jandick, the thousands of cars become a minor inconvenience when you see the smiles on the children’s faces.

This year, there are plenty of new things added to the display like a fortune teller, a guy in a cage, and a werewolf.  Passersby are always amazed at his jaw-dropping display and even come back with their children or grandchildren.

If you want to watch the light show at this Naperville luxury home, it starts at 6:00PM and ends at 9:30PM every weekday and at 10:30PM on weekends. The lights then stay on until midnight.


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